About Us

 GV Black Designer

The First African American Woman to design merchandise for Coachella. When you take everything that is considered to be a virtuous woman and you add everything that makes a successful entrepreneur, you get Diana V. Boardley.   As Creative Director at Stella Georgia, “It’s not just about being good, it’s about being great.” Diana is the visionary behind merchandise for Multi-platinum Grammy Awarded winning artists and NFL Hall of Famers. A “Woman-preneur” is how she wants to be known, a woman who’s wise, kind, compassionate, strong, and resourceful; and an entrepreneur who is decisive, creative, daring, and self-motivated.

" I am honored to bring a consciousness with love to Coachella merchandise and the power of the BLM Movement. Giving back to communities and creating a platform for designers to share their truth is my heart and soul - the respect and honor for Black Lives is the promise of my life."

Proceeds Donated To: Black Owned and Operated-Youth and Young Adult Incubator Program.

About Sole Folks

Sole Folks is a community based retail incubator program for young designers and artisans from underserved communities under the non profit Black Owned and Operated Community Land Trust. The Sole Folks incubator program is self paced and takes teens to young adults through seven phases of product development: Sourcing, brand identity, preproduction, e-commerce marketing, preparing for launch, retail and community investment. When you support Sole Folks by purchasing limited edition sneakers, clothing, gifts, teas or vegan desserts, you're making a direct investment in the youth from underserved communities like Leimert Park. Selected goods in Sole Folks will be created by young entrepreneurs of Los Angeles.